Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Excerpts: 25 Things

While major news outlets give their analysis on the "25 Things" chain note on Facebook as if it were news, I won't give my opinion at all, because no one asked for it. But many of you readers did indeed ask for 25 random things about me. Here are the excerpts that are tangentially related to relationships:

8. I don’t know the real names of most of my family’s elders, because I only call them by Vietnamese formal pronouns.
16. I always called bullies out on their bull growing up, especially if they were picking on my friends (and we were a group of ostensibly easy targets). I never realized how small I look until Facebook got big, and people started tagging me in group pictures. I realize now that I must have looked like a mouse when I was a kid! A mouse that would fuck you up.
17. I’ve learned to tell the people I love that I love them, as often as I can. That way, when I’m in my death throes, they’ll already know, and I can save my last words for a pun, my final PUNchline.
24. I’m an angry Buddhist, which is akin to being a gay Baptist. So I’m conflicted, but workin’ on it.
25. I weep every time I see the epic-storytelling montage about the father’s journey in Finding Nemo. I think it’s weird that some people don’t.

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