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Relationships are hard, and heartbreak is brutal. But for real, we need each other, so shut up and love.

I'm a poet and a Buddhist, so I have no choice but to love love.  I believe the world is designed so that no one can get through it alone.  When someone tries to anyway, it's best to look them in the eye and say, "Shut up and love."  It's for their own good. When I'm not posting unsolicited advice about love, I write poetry, magazine articles, and sometimes recipes

Love isn't a destination you haven't arrived at yet. Love is a state of being that came in the human starter kit you were born with, along with opposable thumbs, speech, and greed. "Shut Up and Love"  acknowledges that relationships -romantic, familial, platonic, or societal - are hard, but so's life, so set your pride aside and practice love.

Please leave earnest commentary and debate openly, because we are smarter collectively, and rest assured I will regulate hateful comments.

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