Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Things about Grief

Alternative title: why a relationship blogger might skip February.

1. There might be one “thank you for your sympathy card” card in the greeting card aisle, but it's ugly and overpriced. (I'm sad, not blind.) Memorize the copy inside and buy a cheap pack of blank cards.

2. “Parting,” as I've said, “is the cost of love.” Anguish is the cost of dying unexpectedly without a clear will. If you don't think you have a lot, you can have a will done in an hour today.

3. The worst time of the day is morning rush hour, when thousands surround me on their daily commute. I had dropped everything when these two people stopped breathing, because, presumably, everything had changed. But according to this highway parking lot and the radio traffic report, the only thing different today is me. I don't know how long the disconnect continues.

4. You feel nothing, and grieving gives you the shits.

5. Actually, you'll feel irritable and might give people you love shit. Remember to apologize and tell them you love them, because life is short.


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