Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New look: You are air to me.

Have you ever run from someone you wanted to hold? Held a grudge longer than you could hold out hope? Hated yourself so much, you tried to be impossible to love? You’re not that special, you know. I’ve felt that way. And so has that lady on the train. And that dude that drops off your packages. And the person in the cubicle next to you. Just ask.

Shut Up and Love's new look, with the blurry people in the background, is about this universal vexation, how we feel and how others seem when we're loathe to love. See, people were lonely way before it was cool. And love –Love! - isn’t great. Lemon gelato, that’s great. Love is breathing for your soul. Does breathing count as great? Well, I guess so, to someone who was suffocating.

I’ll stop holding my breath, k? And you stop holding yours. Because you, my friend, are air to me. YOU are air to me. Is that weird? Gay? Unprofessional? To love you? Probably. But I love you. And I think you should love you, too. Yeah, it’s hard, but do it. Just shut up and love.


  1. Big fan of the new look

  2. hey ivy-bird. (can i call you that?)

    the new look is awesome. and love-wise i'm so running in circles, and sometimes freezing to play dead, so i am looking forward to following your posts. may they guide the way, at least a few steps. :-)

    hope you are doing as awesome as your blog is.

  3. I've had handles like Ivycat, Ivydawg; why not Ivy-bird? But then, why not Ivysaur or Ivysaurus Rex?



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