Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My bridesmaid dress arrived recently for a wedding Saturday after next. I tried it on this weekend to find that it doesn't fit like it did when I ordered it in January. That is to say, it doesn't fit at all.

With huffing and puffing, there's still a solid 2-inch valley between the zippers. Needless to say, I'm eating like a monk and working out like Alex Owens. With vigilance, I hope, the bride will never have to know (she doesn't read the blog, no worries). If this ends well, I might regale the groom later with stories of how close his wedding party was to looking like a boxer with one missing tooth.

I feel hungry, fat, and sore. And I am so grateful that this is the biggest problem I have right now. Thank you, thank you, thankyou.

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