Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cultural Differences: teaser

I'm working on a series of posts about cultural differences between people in romantic or platonic relationships. (Ideas welcome! Get at me!) Trouble is, there's so much to talk about (that's why they're called "differences" instead of "trivialities") that I don't know where to start! Trouble also is that I'm swamped at work and frantically drafting new poems for my feature at Java Monkey on March 22 (PLUG! ZING!).

But I promise your patience will be rewarded. I ask you, how could a post on cultural differences not be good, when it's written by this woman:


  1. Cultural "rules" of dating would be a good post. In English I am already shy and have absolutely no radar, so add the challenge of a foreign language... Check out,1518,419712,00.html Dude, I'm screwed! ; )

    This is a weird double standard, but it still seems strange to go on dates in a foreign language. With about three exceptions, all of my friendships play out at least partially in a foreign language. So why is dating in a foreign language still coming off as weird?

  2. To Erica's point, there are so many cultural variations to courtship, it's a wonder so many intercultural couples ever get to coupling! And when we do, there are different expectations of each other, skeptical families to deal with, language barriers in arguments, the list goes on. And that's all before you even consider marriage, when religion and childrearing views come into play. AAARGH!

  3. Ivy - I await this series of posts with bated breath... ;)



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