Friday, January 16, 2009

Hope for Future Family, from Mom

Sometimes, coming from a divorced family, I wonder whether knowing what NOT to do will be enough to build a strong, loving family of my own, or if I'm doomed to repeat history. Recently, my mom heard one of my brothers weeping in his sleep and woke him up. He said he was dreaming about this one Christmas when we were all together and happy with our toys by the tree.

My mom told him, "No need to be sad about the family you don't have anymore. Even the happiest families' children grow up and leave the nest. Change is natural. But you'll have your own family one day, and you can make your traditions just how you like them, and you can fill your house with love just like in your dream."

Here's a pic of that family we miss. (Click it to enlarge.)
But y'know, I love the family I have, and here's looking forward to the family I'll start someday.


  1. Amen to that! And your mom is totally right! Even people were born and raised in a loving family have suck ass relationship/marriage. Learn from others' mistakes and try not avoid it.
    I think you are in "good hand" but I will be right here for you in whatever road you may take. :)


  2. Ivy! Just wanted to say that I loved this post, and I love your blog thus far! I've really been enjoying reading what you're written - some quality stuff here, missy! But this post in particular spoke to me I guess.....anyway, keep up the good work, and keep in touch!

    Amy S.

  3. Sometimes having a too perfect family can have the same effect. Will I ever be able to live up?



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