Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cure for Cold Feet

A girlfriend said, "Imagine taking a guy's shirt off and seeing this." I'm posting this ad so someone can refer me to it if I get cold feet before the wedding. It reminds me that while my single life is worth a good bit of nostalgia, there are some distinct perks to committing to a partner with known abs.

Actually, I kind of want one for myself.


  1. so basically look but don't touch. imagine running your hands down that fake 6 pack. I'd rather be with a man who's the proud carrier of a keg than an insecure one with a fake six pack!

  2. But Jeff say's "chicks dig it", do you think he's lying? I think I've got a tray in my oven that look's a bit like the Ab Hancer. I'll strap it round my keg and I too can look like a complete idiot.



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