Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cultural Differences: The Return of Mixed Sunni-Shiite Marriages in Iraq

Just had to share this AP article with you about a local policy to encourage the return of mixed marriages after years of intersect violence. (And we thought OUR intercultural relationships could be hard!) Here are some highlights:

In 2006, the Sunni vice president started a program doling out $2,000 to any Sunni-Shiite couple that tied the knot, "in the hope that love would help overcome war." ..."Iraq witnessed the marriage between Sunnis and Shiites for hundreds of years," said Karim. "We have to resume our Iraqi traditions even though terrorists are trying to erase them."

Congrats to Muhanad Talib and Samma Nasir (photos of the couple in the article) on their marriage!

Also, we still need more responses to the "Where did you find love" survey! Click Here to take the survey or copy and please share this link: Extra points if you send the survey link to someone who actually met their Beloved "not in temple, because we're from different sects" in Iraq.

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