Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cultural Differences: Meeting Each Others' Families

"Once he gets his green card and his PhD, if you get fat enough, he'll leave you." -my father over dessert after meeting my Beloved

"Doesn't your boyfriend say something about your low cut clothes!"-my mother livid about my summer dress

"I'm just worried that people might be racist in Germany, and he won't be proud to bring you around to his friends."
-my mother on our cultural differences
"Mom, we love to show each other off. We're hot." -my American response

"You're talking about getting engaged and raising children, but you don't even live together yet?" -his father upon realizing we are waiting to move in

"Did you already pop the question?" -my 12-year-old nephew to my Beloved
"What question?" -my 11-year-old nephew

"Ivy, Ivy! Do you know about Helmut Schmidt? Come, I'll tell you!"
-his father about his favorite German chancellor

"He doesn't eat fish? That's ok, we'll just order him shrimp." -my mom accommodating my boyfriend's aversion to seafood

"You enrich our family!" -his aunt to me

"No, I don't hate him." -my father when asked about my Beloved


  1. The "doesn't eat fish" line reminds me of the dialogue in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

    Toula: He's a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat.

    (huge pause)

    Aunt: That's ok. I make lamb!


  2. My mom on my loves' dietary restrictions:

    "She doesn't eat pork? I thought she was Muslim?"

  3. yeah, the seafood comment is the best.



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